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A lot of people are very confused about the scope and limitation of flood insurances when it comes to flood damage. Because of this, a lot of flood insurance myths have circulated everywhere, leaving more people even more confused on the ins and outs of flood insurances.

One of the most common misconceptions in flood insurances is that those people who live in higher areas do not need flood insurances. It may make sense, since it is pretty improbable that these houses can incur flood damage. However, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency or FEMA, this notion is not true. Technically everybody can avail of the National Flood Insurance Program. According to the agency, it matters not where you live. Besides, flood damage can happen to everyone, even those residing in elevated areas or low-risk flood areas. In fact, 25% of the claims of the National Flood Insurance Program comes from areas outside the flood zone. No house is spared from rains or storms, so why would they think they cannot be affected by floods?

Another misconception is that flood insurances cannot be purchased immediately before or during a flood. This is again rebutted by FEMA, since anyone can avail of flood insurances anytime. The fact is that thirty days are needed before you the flood insurance gets effective. Why wait for flood damage to hit you before you buy flood insurance? Flood insurances should be availed as early as you can, so that in the event of flood damage, you are already prepared.

Most people also think that as long as they have their homeowners insurance, their flood damage needs are also covered. This is a wrong notion, since most homeowners policies do not cover flood damage. That is why there is a separate flood damage insurance that you need to apply in, so that you are secure in case of floods. Therefore, homeowners insurance is not enough.

Again, some people think that those homes that have been flooded before are not eligible to avail of flood damage insurance. FEMA answers this again by saying that everyone is eligible to apply for flood insurance, whether their house has been flooded before or not. The only requirement is that the community you reside in is under the National Flood Insurance Program.

While some people believe that flood insurances can only be availed at the National Flood Insurance Program, the program itself claims that it is not true. These flood insurances are also sold in private insurance companies.

When it comes to the scope of the flood insurance, there is a dispute whether the basement is covered or not. The real thing is that the insurance does cover the basement itself, but not the furniture and contents of the basement. Structural elements and essential equipment in the basement are also covered by the flood insurance.

In summary, the flood insurance is a necessity not just for those living in flood-risk areas, but also for everybody. Flood damage does not choose its victims, so it is better to be secure.


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