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Dealing with water damage in Southern California, California is not an easy task, as it can happen in a number of ways to your home. More so, it usually happens when we least expect it. It can start from a blasted pipe, a faucet that we forgot to turn off, washing machine malfunctions or the worse – from a heavy rain causing excessive flooding in your home.

Whatever the circumstances are, doing water damage restoration should be the main concern of a responsible homeowner. However, water damage restoration is not an easy task and is not a job for everyone. Having knowledge about it can definitely save your properties whether you want to do the task yourself or before a restoration team arrives.

Before starting with the water damage restoration process, be sure that the gas, water supply and the main electrical switch are turned off. This is just a precautionary procedure for the safety of the people who are going to do the restoration job and for your entire family as well.

If the damage that occurred is from a flood, remember that there is a possibility that it is already contaminated with different types of chemicals and human and animal waste. So before dealing with the water damage restoration, gear yourself with proper clothing and wear plastic boots, water resistant gloves and face mask. It is important to protect your eyes and mouth. Wear a respirator for the task.

Find the location on where the water is coming from and stop it from further entering by making temporary repairs on them.

Dealing with water damage restoration should always start from the attic down below to the basement. Get rid of water-soaked articles in the attic since they will get heavy and create more pressure on the ceilings.

After being sure that no more water will come inside, open all ventilation of the house from doors, windows and even cabinets. This is needed to help with the air circulation and to help control the humidity of the house.

Clean, scrub and disinfect all affected areas. Do not forget in this procedure to deodorize the house and make sure that all is dry before confirming that everything is okay. Remember that moist and damp can be the start of mold growth and source for bacteria and micro organisms to form. Always be cautious when doing water damage restoration. If all these simple procedure is followed, then the water damage restoration will be successful.


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